Bathroom ideas

Your bathroom or shower room should be functional and practical, but also a place where you can unwind. Read on for tips and advice on how to strike the best balance. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, you’ll want to get the best for your money. That’s why we surveyed Which? members to find out what they thought of the big bathroom brands they’ve used, including Bathstore, Victoria Plum, Homebase and B&Q.  Visit our guide to the best bathroom brands to find out which came top for quality of products and finish, customer service and value for money. Bathroom designs Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, as do the budgets to create them. Whether you’re putting together an en suite from scratch or revamping a wet room, the most important thing to think about first and foremost is who will use the bathroom and how, as this will affect how you design it. Some key things to think about are:  Is it a family bathroom? If so, you’ll probably want to factor in lots of storage space. Do you always shower and rarely bathe? Consider a standalone shower or wet room instead of installing a bath you won’t use. If you like baths and showers, a bath with a shower it gives you a flexible option. Is space at a premium? Think about how you could incorporate storage cupboards on the walls rather than floor – maybe above the bath or even built in underneath. Do you want to use your bathroom to relax in? Consider getting a freestanding bath for a luxurious feel, and having somewhere close by to store candles and magazines. Are you a couple sharing the bathroom? How about getting two basins to make getting ready in the morning less chaotic? If someone will be using it to do make-up or dress in, then you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of light and a decent-sized mirror. Asking yourself these questions will help you refine the little changes to make or elements to incorporate that will make a lot of difference to your bathroom and your enjoyment of it. You can visit our page on bathroom furniture for more information on planning the storage in your bathroom and to discover how bathroom owners rate bathroom furniture from big-name brands such as Homebase and Bathstore. Read on below for luxury bathroom ideas, as well as how to update your bathroom on a budget. Luxury bathrooms The bathroom is generally one of the smallest spaces in the house, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious, even on a budget. Small touches, such as expensive-looking tiles or taps, will have more impact in a small space and won’t be too costly. For inspiration, flick through our gallery below for design ideas that will add a touch of luxury to any bathroom. Bathroom design ideas Tiles, such as mosaic ones, can make a real statement, and there is a huge range of finishes and colours to choose from

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